As the Name already implies, ModExplorer was made to explore the world of music modules. Therefore, the philosophy behind ModExplorer is not to be just another audioplayer, to listen to your musicarchives. There are really enough tools for this purpuse, and they do their job very well!
ModExplorer goes a step beyond and provides you with mods, you've never heard before. To do so, ModExplorer downloads modules from different servers randomly and plays them for you.
Also these mods won't be saved permanently. ModExplorer will create a playlist instead, which contains internetlinks to those musikfiles. So You can replay them lateron.

The GUI of modexplorer uses MUI, which adapts perfectly to your desktop environment.
It was designed to meet the needs of the users. So, for example you can individually hide different parts of the GUI to get your best exploring-experience.

Furthermore you can switch your GUI between a "player" or "streamer" mode. This not only changes some GUI-Buttons, but also the playlist handling. Surfing the web while relaxed listening to some mods, you only need buttons to skip a Module or to put it onto the play- or blacklist. No need for further control... Maybe, the streaming mode should be named "relaxing mode"...

On the other hand you want to concentrate to the music. In this case you need full control over play-, black- and instrumentlists. Repeating, Recording and everything else on your fingertip. In this case, the player mode is your solution.

Further functions of ModExplorer for example is an extensive ARexx-Port, which lets you control ModExplorer throughout other tools.
Apart from basic playerfunctions you can save modules, create playlists for AmigaAMP and much more. Some example scripts are included inside the archive.

I wish you much fun while exploring the world of modules!