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Welcome to

On this page I present my projects.
All of them were created using the Hollywood programming language. Accordingly some Hollywood-plugins are, if not included, required to run these tools. These can be downloaded on the Hollywood homapge.

Some MUI-classes need to be installed, too:
MCC_TheBar: Mui-class for toolbars.
MCC_TtextEditorMUI-class for some textgadgets.

For dealing with UTF-8 Codesets you also need the codesets.library.

The software is written to run on Gfx-card based Amigas. If your Amiga does not have one, you will need some more software, to get them to run:
The Hollywood plugin Plananarama, available on: Hollywood download page.
guigfx.library and renderlib68k available on Aminet.

Also fblit is strongly recommended, to spare some gfx-mem.

If the tools include music or audiofiles, AHI is required, too!

If you find bugs or have any suggestions for my tools, contact me at

You like some of my projects? Why not donate a small amount?

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