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Welcome to ModExplorer

As the Name already implies, ModExplorer was made to explore the world of music modules.
Therefore, the philosophy behind ModExplorer is not to be just another audioplayer, to listen to your musicarchives. There are really enough tools for this purpuse, and they do their job very well!

ModExplorer goes a step beyond and provides you with mods, you've never heard before. To do so, ModExplorer downloads modules from the web randomly and plays them for you. Also these mods won't be saved permanently. ModExplorer will create a playlist instead, which contains internetlinks to those musikfiles. So You can replay them lateron.

The ModExplorer project was startet in 2015
As a simple tryout, which randomly enjoyed you with Modules, never heard before, ModExplorer grew up to a powerful tool.

ModExplorer is completely based on PHP- and SQL-technology. This means, that all functions get their informations from a german host-server.

For example the search-function is done by the server. As in the first versions of ModExplorer a search took about 30 secs on slower systems, you'll now get the results at your finger tip!

ModExplorer was primaly developed for AmigaOS on AmigaOS4
Due to the many hardwareplatforms around, it is now divided into several versions:
ModExplorerNG for Next generation Operating Systems: AmigaOS4, MorphOS and Aros.
It also runs on OS3. So this is the first choice on UAE or the vampyre system, too.

But as classic amigas might get overloaded with some of ModExplorers functions, there exists a special version of ModExplorer for these platforms: ModExplorerCE

As a first non amiga platform, ModExplorerME supports the Android platform. Due to usage reasons, it's also a function reduced version of ModExplorer.

I wish you much fun while exploring the world of modules!

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