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August, 20. 2022
V-Trainer V1.12 upladed
August, 19. 2022
Updated V-Trainers vocabulary, Green Line 4 added
December, 30. 2021
ModExplorerCE V1.1 uploaded
November, 30. 2021
ModExplorerNG V3.82 uploaded
November, 27. 2021
ModExplorerNG V3.81 uploaded
November, 9. 2021
ModExplorerME uploaded
ModExplorerCE uploaded
November, 5. 2021
ModExplorerNG uploaded
October, 7. 2021
V-Trainer V1.0 released (german only)
April, 26. 2021
ComicOn V1.2 uploaded
January, 18. 2021
ModExplorer V3.22 uploaded
November, 14. 2020
AmiBrixx V2.1 uploaded
October 28. 2020
AmiBrixx V2.0 uploaded
September 9. 2020
Looking For X-mas V1.0 uploaded
April 12. 2020
ModExplorer V3.1 - Revision Party Edition uploaded
March 21. 2020
ModExplorer V3.0 - Anti boring Edition uploaded
November 28. 2019
ComicOn V1.1 uploaded
August 21. 2019
ModExplorer V2.0 - Nerdy Edition uploaded
August 19. 2019
ComicOn V1.0 uploaded
August 18. 2019
Relaunch of
October 17. 2017
Amibrixx V1.0 uploaded
August 17. 2017
First upload of this homepage
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August 18, 2019:

System requirements
ArtBase was developed on a MicroA1 with AmigaOS4.1 and runs flawlessly on this system. It should run on all Amiga systems with OS4.
ArtBase was tested on a PC with 2x2GHz with WinUAE. Again it worked perfectly.
Furthermore ArtBase was positively tested by several users using MorphOS on various hardware configurations.
Also on AROS, ArtBase was tested positive.
Theoretically ArtBase would run on classical Amiga systems but weak performance might make it unviable there. It was also not really tested.
Since ArtBase employs many graphical files, 256 MB RAM can be considered the minimum. In tests with UAE systems with only 128 MB RAM, storage problems occured often.
The graphical output is in 24 bit - thus a graphics card (repectively an emulation under UAE) is a must.
ArtBase was developed under Hollywood. It needs some Hollywood-plugins which will be asked for during installation and installed if necessary. Since ArtBase supports MUI some such libraries are needed which you can find on common internet sites.

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