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August 18, 2019:

ModExplorerNG is the most functional version of the ModExplorer series!

It includes the following features:

The search function includes more searching features. So you may search not just for artists and songnames, but also for genre, production year, overall ratings and even for instruments!

You even might rate the modules or give them a thump up, to share the best mods with the community.

You can create as many playlist as you want. Even uploading them is possible. Conversely of course, you can also download playlists which where uploaded from other users.

This version includes an extensive ARexx-Port, which lets you control ModExplorer throughout other tools.

ModExplorerNG brings you some more mod-feelings with its visual plugin!
View the modules the protracker way, with patterns and equiz!

And against boredom ModExplorer includes a little Trailblazer like game.

The GUI of ModExplorer uses MUI, which adapts perfectly to your desktop environment.
It was designed to meet the needs of the users. So, for example you can individually hide different parts of the GUI to get your best exploring-experience.

New features in this version:

ModExplorer can be controlled by Joystick now.
Many functions can be set individually. Up to 4 buttons are supported, each can be used with all directions. So use your (wireless) game controller as remote control for ModExplorer

This version includes (AFAIR) all feature requests of ModExplorer's users and myself.
That's why this will be the final version of ModExplorers. Bugfixing will be done offcourse.
But that doesn't mean, that development of ModExplorer will stop now!

As some of ModExplorers functions overload Classic Amigas, a specialized version of ModExplorer for Classics is planned. And that's just one of my ideas :)
So check back soon!

V3.82 fixes a small bug:
When ModExplorer was iconified, ARexx-scripts didn't open new songs in some cases. Fixed.

V3.81 fixes some bugs:

  • When opened a non-protracker title and afterwards enabled the Visualizer in the settings, ModExplorer crashed. Fixed.
  • Graphics for the rating (the stars) were displayed as "Next/Prev" Icons. Fixed.
  • Reviewbutton was not disabled, when no Title was opened. Fixed.
  • Updated some ARexx-Scripts

I wish you much fun while exploring the world of modules!

Best regards

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