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August 18, 2019:

Welcome to LookingForXmas

I think, you know these findig games.
Looking For X-mas is just another one of this type.

In 2010, there was the "2nd Annaul Festive Amiga Game Making Competition"
In that competition, we had 3 weeks to code a game, which had to be themed to christmas. And this was my entry for that compo.

Looking for X-mas contains 9 Levels with different difficulty. Well indeed, most of them are horrible difficult.

In each level, you have to find a different amount of items, which are randomly, but logically placed on the screen.
Finding an item gives you 25 points. Every mousclick costs you one point. And every second costs one point, two. The rules are that simple!
To quit the game, simply hit "Esc".

Now have fun with this simple game!

Download Looking for Xmas
The archive includes versions for all amiganoid operating systems.

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