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Welcome to Mediathek

Mediathek is a software for downloading Movies from different public (german speaking) TV-stations (ARD, ZDF, 3Sat, WDR...). It is based on the program MediathekView, which is available for Windows/Linux/Macos, und uses the same database. But in contrast to them, Mediathek on Amiga uses its own SQL-server, what gives some speedups and more filteroptions. Medithek offers extensive filter options: Additionally to searching on theme, title and discription, movies can be filtered by Stations, playing time, playing date and so on. These filter options can be saved as so called profiles, which lets them be used again and again. This way you can download complete series. Next to downloading, the links to the movies can also be saved to the clipboard or passed to other tools. This way, you can even stream the movies.

Mediathek is available for all amiganoid platforms, but requires some systemrequirements. As most movies will be downloaded on https-connections, your Amiga should be able to decode them fast enough.

Dies ist eine Frühe AlphaVersion!
Sie ist sicherlich nicht Bug-frei und kann DebugOutput enthalten
Auch die Kommunikation zum Server kann durchaus Probleme bereiten und das Programm in der aktuellen Version unbrauchbar machen
Bei Problemen ggf. das Programm nochmal herunterladen und probieren.
Bugreports und Vorschläge sind natürlich stets willkommen!

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