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Welcome to ModExplorer

As the Name already implies, ModExplorer was made to explore the world of music modules.
Therefore, the philosophy behind ModExplorer is not to be just another audioplayer, to listen to your musicarchives. There are really enough tools for this purpuse, and they do their job very well!
ModExplorer goes a step beyond and provides you with mods, you've never heard before. To do so, ModExplorer downloads modules from the web randomly and plays them for you. Also these mods won't be saved permanently. ModExplorer will create a playlist instead, which contains internetlinks to those musikfiles. So You can replay them lateron.

ModExplorer V3.0 - ABE is highly improved compared to V2!
As older versions used static filelists on lokal side, ModExplorer V3 is completely based on PHP- and SQL-technology. This means, that lists arent stored on your Amiga anymore. Instead, all functions get their informations from a german host-server.

The advantages are:
The search-function is now done by the server. Older versions took about 30 secs on slower systems. Now you'll get the results at your finger tip!

Due to the SQL-Database, the search function is no more limited to the song-/artistname. You can also search for genre or filter the releasedate or rating.
You can even search inside the instrumentlists. As many artists put interesting informations into this list, this function goes far beyond other search engines.

The SQL-database includes functions to catalog the songs. So you may enter the genre of a song and its release year. Even comments can be given to single mods. So future searching will get much easier.

You even might rate the modules or give them a thump up, to share the best mods with the community.
Furthermore, you can now create as many playlist as you want. Even uploading them is possible. Conversely of course, you can also download playlists which where uploaded from other users.

The GUI of ModExplorer uses MUI, which adapts perfectly to your desktop environment.
It was designed to meet the needs of the users. So, for example you can individually hide different parts of the GUI to get your best exploring-experience.

Further functions of ModExplorer for example is an extensive ARexx-Port, which lets you control ModExplorer throughout other tools.

This version is well tested and should run stable on most Amiga systems.
Most needed parts are included into the executable. Plugins and AISS-imges aren't loaded externally. Just some MUI-Classes (thebar.mcc and texteditor.mcc) might have to be update.

Month ago, I planned to publish this version as shareware with a low fee, but as we live in hard times nowadays, due to the covid-19 virus, I decided to publish this version for free!
So see this peace of mind as my part of solidarity!

As in older versions: The name implies the meaning!
ModExplorer V3.0 - Anti Boring Edition

I wish you much fun while exploring the world of modules!

Keep healthy!

Download ModExplorer

This Archive contains the executables for all amiganoid systems. Documentation not included due to timereasons.


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